Various business professionals that I have worked with have written their thoughts of our relationship.

“Two years ago I was introduced to Mike Strand. He was offering free services to a limited number of clients and sharing his expertise in business. I had been an educator for over twenty years wanting to learn as much as I could about developing a successful business. With Mike’s encouragement and teaching I was able to complete a business plan that allowed me to win EDC’s “Create Your Own Business Contest” for a Micro Business in 2004.

Mike’s knowledge and advice has helped me develop my business plan into a on-line store to sell my products across the United States. My company, B Able To, Inc., is successful because Mike Strand shared his wisdom with dedication and patience.”

Kathryn Bareis –

“The opportunity for us to partner with an experienced business leader from our area was extremely valuable. The students benefit from a set curriculum to work through, but the coaching and advice from Mike (our [Junior Achievement] business volunteer) made it come to life. Our youth learned many things about the reality of running a business which bolstered enthusiasm for some and encouraged others to think more deeply about their options for the future. It was an important learning experience for all involved. Mike Strand is a great partner for our group.”

Cara McIlquham – Chippewa Falls High School

  • Kevin McKinley – Financial Planner
  • Christie Paxton – Editor-in-Chief – Builders Exchange – The Magazine
  • John Dalton – KRM Information Services – Moderator, Producer/Director – Complete Video Productions

Employees of StrandWare, my former company, have written letters of recommendation that provide some background on my abilities.

The following is a report written by college students during my tenure at StrandWare which describe my philosophies and some of the hurdles that I have overcome.

Developing the Corporate Culture of StrandWare
by Jake Avery, Liz Donato, Michelle Greenway, Aimee LaBlonde, Erica Schmaezle, and Dave Taylor