John Dalton

January 24, 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

Mike Strand gave me a call out of the blue in the early 1990’s shortly after he had won the Eau Claire, Small Business Contest for StrandWare, Inc.  In an effort to help promote his StrandWare product line, Mike believed that a video was necessary to help ‘get the word out’ to potential clients.  Being a rookie sole-proprietor owning Complete Video Services in Eau Claire, Wisconsin at the time, Mike had the confidence in my abilities to produce a 20 minute product/promotion video.  Mike actually gave me my first real break in producing a ‘higher end’ video production in the corporate/business arena and I will forever be grateful for that opportunity.  For the last 12 years, Mike and I have had a solid relationship together, both in the professional/business arena, as well as on a personal level.  Mike is a wonderful idea guy.  He is a very creative gentleman with an excellent business sense.  I found it an honor that he asked me to be on his Advisory Council for StrandWare, Inc.  Being a successful business owner for more than 10 years, Mike has the ability to talk about any phase of a business plan/structure in an upbeat, positive manner with any level executive.  Unlike some business executives, Mike is a hands-on type of guy who excels in customer service and he understands his client’s needs – which in turn makes the customer feel more comfortable when the President of the company is actually on the phone helping that client work towards a solution.  Mike has an excellent ability to deal with people.  It’s these abilities that make Mike Strand a superior candidate to help any organization in any phases of that particular business.  I would recommend Mike for any senior level position.  I hope this helps you understand Mike a little better from an outsider’s perspective.  If you need more clarification of my thoughts on Mike, please don’t hesitate to give me a call at the number or email listed below.


John Dalton
CEO – Total Media Productions
112 N. Iowa Street
Dodgeville, WI  53533