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Christopher R. Dean
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January 22, 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

I had the pleasure of working with Mike Strand from 1999-2002 at StrandWare.  In my capacity as a Sales Manager, Mike was my direct supervisor.

During my time with StrandWare I was continually impressed by Mike’s ability to create and foster the type of workplace that encouraged creativity and rewarded hard work.  Mike’s emphasis on the enjoyment of one’s job and the inherent rewards therein made StrandWare a wonderful place to work.  By actively involving his employees in the important decisions facing StrandWare, Mike gave each employee a personal stake in the success of the business.  At all times Mike led by example and did a superb job of maximizing the talents of the team of employees that he assembled.

Based on my experience, I am pleased to say that Mike is an exceptional businessman and entrepreneur, an excellent boss, and a kind and sincere individual.  It is my privilege to have worked with Mike and I recommend him without reservation to anyone who seeks a creative, motivated, and well-respected business advisor and consultant.


Christopher R. Dean