Tuition Reimbursement

In order to encourage and reward employees who possess a desire to continue their education, in addition to performing their full time job, <Company> offers an Education Assistance Benefit.

Full-time or part-time employees may continue their education in a related field and <Company> will reimburse the registration and tuition costs. All courses must be pre-approved by your department manager. Once the course is completed, submit a transcript of your grades, with receipts for expenses.

In order to qualify for this Educational Assistance benefit you must:

  1. Advise your department manager prior to enrolling for the class. Your manager will advise you whether the course is of a nature that <Company> will approve for reimbursement of tuition and fees;
  2. The course must be job related and offered by an approved educational institution;
  3. The employee must receive a "C" or better grade to be reimbursed;
  4. The employee will share with the company and coworkers the course information, and if requested provide some informal training, depending upon the nature of the course.