Human Resources New Employee Checklist

  Department Manager Remarks

Building Tour




Fax and Copy Machine Instructions


Phone System


Emergency and Safety Procedures




Training Schedule Prepared


Product/Literature Folder Prepared

  Human Resource Manager  

E-mail Announcing New Hire

(Include International Staff)


Non-Disclosure Agreement


Personal Data Sheet


Security Badge


Time Cards


SPA Video


Set up Personnel File


I-9 Form


W-4 Form


Direct Deposit Form


Gym Deduction Form


Telephone directory & speed dial list


Floor Plan


Organization Chart


Travel/Credit Card Guidelines


Explain Benefits & Eligibility





     Call-in Procedure


     Personal Calls






     Dress Code


     Employee Meetings


     Social Events


     Overtime Policy

  90 Day Benefit Sign-up  

Employee Manual


Health/Life Insurance Enrollment forms


Section 125


401K Plan


Dental Insurance


LT Disability Insurance

  Operations Department  

Security Badge Set Up


Office Keys (if necessary)


Phone set-up (program extension & features)


Computer set-up (list components with serial numbers)


     MS Mail


     Add to MS Mail Groups


     Internet e-mail


     Network Account






     Network connection


     Surge Suppresser


     Computer Name


     Windows 95


     MS Office 95b


     MS Plus!


     Viruscan 95








     Set Network Password




     Who’s In


Null Modem Adapter

25 Pin


Male Gender Changer

9 Pin


Female Gender Changer

9 Pin


Serial Cable

Modem Style


Parallel Cable


Power Cables


Male Gender Changer

25 Pin


Female Gender Changer

25 Pin


9 x 25 pin adapter

9\F  25\M


9 x 25 pin adapter

9\M  25\F


Office Set-up (physical)

  stapler, tape dispenser, paper clips, binder clips,wastebasket, phone book, pens, pencils, scissors, note pad, post-it notes, highlighter, staple puller, ruler, file folders, hanging files, kleenex, legal pad, push pins  
  Voice mail instructions, building map, recycle instructions, telephone extension list,  

Name plate for office




Name badge


Business cards


Mail Slot Label