Tips for Presentations

After rushing through creating a brand new 40 slide presentation in one day and driving 3 hours to present it on someone else’s equipment, I learned a couple things from the experience. First, if you have video clips in there, be prepared to test it, and after you test it, shut down the powerpoint program and restart it. It appears that the video is not always rewound or something which caused it to not play. The other thing is to bring a larger version of the presentation that can be placed on a podium in front of you. When using someone else’s setup, they may put the laptop quite a distance from the microphone forcing a person to do some weird contortions to speak into the microphone and also look at the screen behind you. It is much better to have a printout that is big enough to read from a comfortable distance at the podium. The final lesson is to ensure that the presentation has been timed out and does not have too much content. I knew this one, and just ran out of time. Most of you probably already know this, and it is tips for myself for the future.