Take time to watch the clouds

Life seems to be getting faster paced than ever before. Technology is advancing at an amazing rate which is pulling each of us to do the same. The economy is unsettling which causes us to work even harder. Breaks are shorter, days are longer and weekends are full. For those around the younger generation, technology has shaped them to multi-task and their social network is largely online.

Amidst all of this chaos, I was reminded again to take time to smell the roses (except I prefer to watch clouds as they evolve from shape to shape). Yesterday I was at a funeral of my wife’s aunt. At first it was difficult for me to take time off during the middle of the week. Although it was a somber occasion, it was great to be reminded to live life to the fullest, rekindle relationships, and that life is fragile.

Now that I am back, I am more productive than I have been in a week. It is good to be reminded to take a break now and again.