Never underestimate what you can do

I have the habit of underestimating my abilities and also underestimating the value of the things that I do for others. I recently have been in a very sticky situation with a group of angel investors who want to invest in a business that I’m running. Two years ago, a friend of mine gave me a really basic idea that I have evolved into a totally different product that is no longer related. He said that he wanted a piece of it, and thinking it would go nowhere, we came up with a gentleman’s agreement including a piece of gross sales. Now I need him out to get angel investment. Had I valued what I might do with the idea, I would never have agreed to the terms. I did so thinking that it would never become anything. So, I have lived another life lesson to value what I do.

One reply on “Never underestimate what you can do”

Partnering is tricky business, especially when friends are involved. Unfortunately I think every entrepreneur has to learn that lesson at least once. I know I have!

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