Mistakes do have a silver lining…

Have you ever messed up in a way that embarrassed you or cost your company money to get it solved? It seems that I do it at least once a month, and sometimes multiple times per day! Although swallowing my pride, taking ownership of the mistake and doing what is right to resolve the situation is painful, I know it helps me grow into a better person. It seems that those painful moments are a strong reminder of what not to do if a similar situation happens again. I love it when my employees go through that process. It may be a bit expensive in the short term, but it is the best way to learn what not to do. We all know that “telling” someone what not to do has limited success.

So, the next time you find yourself in an uncomfortable position, once you follow through to solve the issue, look at it as a growth opportunity that makes you a more valuable person and employee.