Life’s obstacles can help you grow

Have you ever noticed that life sometimes throws you curves that you don’t necessarily like? Those times seem to be the twists and turns that are much like the path that a raindrop takes when it falls from a storm. The big difference is that a raindrop will usually follow the lowest path – and may even break through walls to get there.

I feel that people have the option to go against gravity when we reach an obstacle – and that doing so grows our inner strength and capabilities. There are many times that I get bummed out when life throws me what I perceive to be a negative twist. Those feelings help me to look at other options to the twist (usually thanks to my wife who is sick of me being grumpy). Most of the curves that life has tossed my way in the past have been very beneficial now that I am through them. Most of the time, I decided to take a risk for some events (most were tiny risks) and just let it pass by entirely when it really was not that important. Of course, I too followed gravity on some curves. And for some of those, I burden a little bit of regret.

So, as life throws you curves, I would recommend that you be sure to take the time to look at the past, present and future around it. If it will not hurt anyone else, consider taking a small risk rather than just letting your emotions lead you down your path. Try to go against “gravity” and grow yourself.