Challenges Lessons

Is volunteering ever bad?

I had a request by my wife yesterday to help a friend’s parents out with a handicap accessible ramp for their house. I had just enjoyed the morning being at the department of motor vehicles to see if my daughter passed her driver’s test (she did – Yeah!). I knew that if I did this, I would be leaving my customers up in the air until Monday. I told my wife that if I did this, I would need to work over the weekend to finish up some time critical issues. I decided to do the project, and it was completed in 6 hours. They were thrilled with the results, and I only had a couple calls that were able to wait.

There are always options in life. Do you ever wonder which ones to take? Do you ever wonder how many options we are missing? I know that this time, I was pleased with the results of an impromptu volunteer project. I guess that will help me decide in the future too. The work always seems to be there, doesn’t it.