Get to know an old person…

First off, happy new year to everyone.

I usually enjoy visiting with everyone young and old. I was reminded yesterday of the monstrous benefits (and fun) you can get by visiting with older people (in particular retired people). I just spent yesterday with one of my older uncles (and I’m pushing the “old” category myself now). I wanted to get a piece of equipment that this uncle had a lot of experience in, so I asked him to go shopping with me.

He jumped at the chance and we had wonderful conversations and I could tell that he was thrilled to have something else to do (and of course spending someone else’s money is always nice too). It is amazing how many life lessons that he had learned were shared – and they just popped up in conversation which I accept much better than getting preached at. The best part was the fun that I could see on his face the entire time and the big hug at the end of the day.

I have learned so much from retired people during my career as a business person. I love that they share so much of themselves with no expectations and no concern that someone will overtake them on the career ladder. I would recommend that you add a monthly goal call to an older person for an hour long visit (or better yet, see them personally). You wont even notice your own growth, but you will notice their smiles!

Happy Hew Year!