Do you wish you had a crystal ball?

I always wished that I had a crystal ball, but I’m glad I didnt. When I first started StrandWare, i often wished for a vision of the future. After about 5 years into the company, I realized that I was so blessed that I didnt have one. Had I been able to “see” the success that the future held 5 years into the future, I would have figured that there was no way I could manage that.

It is a lot like having kids. For those of you reading this without kids – you will live what I’m talking about in a few years. When you first get think about having kids (or usually you dont think about it 🙂 ), you know that your life will change, but you’re not sure exactly how. When the new bundle of joy comes into your life, you are so in awe of this tiny little creation. The baby barely moves and is just so amazing to see. They quickly find their lungs and cry quite loudly for such a small creature, but you figure it is because they need something – which is pretty much true at this age. Right away, the nurses are there to help you with bathing, changing and feeding. You leave the hospital with some basic understandings and a strong sense of connection. Then comes the times where the needs of the child come at all kinds of times through the day. Eventually, the child sleeps through the night for the first time, and you think all is great. Soon comes the first words followed by first words and all the fun of birthdays, Christmas, etc. Of course with the good times comes the stress of having them in and on all the cabinets, them testing their limits (and reflecting what they have learned with how we deal with others). School comes with the stress ofletting them go to school on their own. Then comes the “I dont want to get up” on the weekday mornings and the getting up at 6:00 am on weekend mornings when we could sleep in. You put yourself out driving them everywhere, for parties, for laundry, shopping and all kinds of things. Eventually you realize that you no longer go party anymore because there isnt time (and really, it is not as interesting anymore either). If you had a crystal ball to see everything that goes on 5 or 10 years into the future, you would not appreciate all the small things that are positive, and would be frightened at all the things that dont seem very positive.

I suspect that if people knew the future, there would be far fewer businesses operating, and a much smaller population. So, I am happy that I dont know the future.