Can you write my business plan?

I was asked by someone who believes “in not reinventing the wheel if someone has already done so”. I normally agree with this statement too, Except in the case of business plans. I know from experience that business plans take huge amounts of time, and they must be written by the owner and not contracted out. What I have found is that the business plan is the place and time where the business “lives and grows” in the owners head. As the words are put onto the paper, the entire business is developed and problems with the business appear and are corrected with no cost, no liability, and no damage to the company name to customers. Problems occur with many aspects, and the common denominator is always the business owner, what bugs them, what motivates them and what they are expecting. Anyone else doing a plan would be fixing problems that they see which are unlikely to be the problems that the business owner would see. That being said, having help from someone who has done a business plan to give advice or review the plan is very beneficial.