Being “excited scared” can be fun!

I doubt that there is an actual word of “excited scared” and I am not sure if there is a word for it (let me know if you can think of one). It is a little like the feeling you get when you see the most beautiful (or handsome) person across a room. It is more like it when you actually make your way towards that person. Even still when you find the courage to say a few words. It is mostly like the feeling you get when you have done all of that and are standing with this person just about to have your first kiss. Your heart is racing, sweat budding and are excited and scared at the same time. Each step in the process was scary, but that very feeling of the potential of being blown off and the challenge of going further is extremely exciting.

We have just embarked on an “excited scared” journey at StrandVision. Over the next 4 months, we have committed to give away 1 million subscriptions for a year based on our low end package. Our hope is that new customers will discover the benefits of digital signage (and they even they can use it), like our product and service as much as our paying customers and eventually want to pay us themselves. The tricky part is that this is just the “walking towards” step of the process as we begin the process to build a lasting relationship with each new subscriber. Hopefully the product and our service look presentable since we all know how first impressions impact the upcoming steps.

As I have personally gone through this process (and will continue to), I was reminded how important it is to take risks like this. I am inherently a risk taker, but I had backed off some (getting older has a way of doing that). So I would recommend that each of you take one little risk every now and then. If you want to try something big, that is even better – as long as you have though through a plan of attack. So, I wish you lots of “excited scared” over the coming months and may your risks turn into the kiss you are hoping for.