Michael J. Strand

6595 South Shore Drive, Altoona, WI 54720 – (715) 235-7446

2001-2003: Teklynx International

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

2002-2003 – Global Technology Advisor

Conducted research from the Teklynx channel to determine features to promote for the WEDGEWARE product.
Generated a list of ideas for new products and current product enhancements.
Developed a company wide business plan to migrate from a hardware security protection device to an Internet based security system. The return on the initial investment will be made within the first year.
Assisted the president in forming and holding the first meeting of the Teklynx advisory council made up of four outside executives.
Developed the concept and began the patent process for the Delayed Payment of Software via On-Line Activation system.

2001-2002 – Director of Development – Data Collection Division

Developed business plan and headed a motivated team that increased sales of data collection products from $75K to over $250K
Developed a plan to consolidate development efforts of three separate products into one platform.
Launched the WedgeWare product.

1988-2001: StrandWare, Inc.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

President / CEO

Founded company in his home in 1988 after discovering that there were virtually no solutions for printing bar codes in the PC channel.
Headed worldwide company, which sold over $20 million worth of bar code printing and tracking software over 13 years.
Creative approaches to channel management, marketing with a company approach of customer satisfaction.
Developed a strong team of professionals who enjoyed their work and working together.

1986-1988: Delta Technology International, Inc.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Senior Programmer/Supervisor

Supervisor of the Customer Service and Programming departments of a fast growing computer software development and marketing company.
Performed the management functions of project budgeting and scheduling, hiring, firing, and pay raises.
Guided the programming staff to the completion of a new product called Direct Net, and a major update to Direct Access. These are DOS menu systems that are marketed worldwide.
Created the Customer Service department policies and procedures to insure that customers get fast, accurate, and friendly answers to their questions.
Coordinated all aspects of each project with outside vendors including documentation printing and diskette duplication.
Helped develop the code for each project.

1982-1986: Cray Research, Inc.

Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

1985-1986 – Firmware Engineer for the Cray 3 Department.

Designed, coded, and debugged the test software in use for testing all Cray 3 integrated circuits. The software is a special language allowing for flexibility as new circuits become available.
Designed an IBM-PC circuit board interfacing the test software described above with a Gallium Arsenide wafer prober.
Converted and enhanced several Z80 assembly language programs to 8086 assembly code. The programs dealt with bit mapped graphics for plotting integrated circuit designs.
Trained several new employees in techniques of Gallium Arsenide testing and problem isolation.

1982-1985 – Programmer Analyst for the Diagnostic Systems Department.

Developed a communications package for file transfers between Cray mainframes and micro-computers.
Wrote a printer emulation package interfacing a micro-computer and an accounting mini computer.
Created a micro-code assembler used to speed the hardware design for communication interfaces between Cray mainframes and other computer systems.
Fixed software problems for Cray I/O Processors, Cray mainframes, Data General minis, and micro-computers as required.
Designed and developed a program to automate the paperwork of assembling a Cray computer system.