Why Digital Signage

In this current economy, every sale counts. Prospecting is tough, and everyone knows that cross-selling is more efficient than prospecting. For any business the challenge becomes: “How do I sell more of my products and services to my current customers?” One of the answers is to add new technologies that leverage current customers, staff and assets, which in turn drives demand.

One up-and-coming extension is digital signage. These are the television screens that you often see in large retail stores, banks, airports and grocery stores that carry specific information or marketing programming – a technology that can help you make money in this tight market.

Traditionally, many of these systems have been proprietary and use specialized hardware. There is a new breed of digital signage providers that deliver content over the Internet and then uses the same standard Ethernet wired networks and computers that you probably already have available to distribute the signage onsite.

These solutions, combined with the falling prices of large plasma and LCD screens, make digital signage affordable for every size business. With all of the caution that this economy is invoking with cuts in staffing and most everything beyond the “core business”, it is difficult to think that a new technology is worthwhile. In actuality, it is these reasons that make a digital signage implementation more important than ever.

Digital signage is a passive technology that only communicates with those who look at it. Fortunately, it is very dynamic and draws attention because it plays on the familiar “boob tube” that we all grew up with. Best of all, it conveys cross sell messages mixed with entertaining information without making your overworked staff uncomfortable trying to up-sell.

Digital signage also has the benefit of calming the employee waters of concern. By communicating regularly and consistently with your employees, your staff will better understand why you made those cuts, and more importantly, that they were the right cuts and that their position is safe. Nothing cuts productivity more than insecure employees.

Take a look at digital signage with an open mind. Investing a little bit in this exciting new technology will help you get through these troubling times easier and will grow your profits more than the cost. Give us a call at 715-235-SIGN (7446) so that we can help you get the best system for your situation.