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Have you ever wished you could find sound business advice that is worth more than what you’d pay for it?  I am a successful business entrepreneur interested in assisting business owners and entrepreneurs in need of outside input to move forward to the next phase of their business. I enjoy the excitement and challenge of helping any size company by listening to their questions, evaluating their business strategies, business plans, current and future needs and concerns, and offering to share my own knowledge and advice. Best of all, I am willing to provide select start-up’s with my expertise for only the cost of expenses. I even have a blog that cronicles many topics that may be of interest. There are even loads of documents from my past experiences, so take a look.

I founded my own startup company, StrandWare Inc., in October 1988. In 13 years as President and CEO I grew it to a well known, well respected, multi-million dollar software company with worldwide reputation and international offices. Through the years, StrandWare Inc. offered over 27 popular software titles with the most popular being the label design software product, Label Matrix. In November 2001 I sold my company to the Brady Corporation from Milwaukee, WI. I continued to work with the combined company for over a year helping with integration needs and researching product direction via input from both employees and the channel. Prior to founding StrandWare, I worked first at Cray Research and later Delta Technology International.

Are you wondering “what’s in it for Mike”?. I see this as an opportunity for outreach, allowing me to meet energetic and bright new individuals, identify potential investment opportunities, to continue to gain knowledge in diverse business industries – all of which will provide a better foundation for my next business venture. Of course confidentiality is a given since I may be guiding you on the protection of your business assets and ideas.

If you’ve ever wished you could find quality, educated advice for that next phase of your business, from someone who has “been there”, specifically in the areas of marketing, business processes, technology usage, and employee productivity, call today. I look forward to hearing from you.

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